Horned Toad

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The Horned Toad , or Horney Toad actually isn’t a toad at all but a flat bodied and fierce appearing lizard whose habitat ranges from the Great Southwest to the Texas Chaparral.  Horned Toad has been a part of Pueblo lore since the beginning of the spoken word as he has always been looked to to facilitate the tasks of Native people.  Comanche tribes would use Horned Toad to help in the search for Buffalo, letting him scamper off after capture, always in the direction of the nearest herd.  Coyote learned a tough lesson about greed by eating Horned Toad and his corn, and the medicine of self reliance and longevity has always been associated with Horned Toad.  Thought of by Zuni culture as the conservator of native beauty and bearer of good luck, Horned Toad populations are quickly dwindling and this signal of change doesn’t feel lucky for the southwest.